Awards and Accolades

Yes, Deltecs are weird

We recently noticed a comment on a picture of one of our round houses that read “it’s weird” and it got us thinking…Yes! That’s true. We want to personally thank that person because they get it. This compliment reminds us of a great quote:

“Convention is the enemy of progress” – Trevor Baylis

Weird drives change. Something that’s weird is nontraditional, innovative, thinks outside the box (get it?). That’s exactly who we are and what our homes demonstrate. As our late founder, Robert Kinser, put it: “we like to be on the cutting-edge” and that’s been true since Deltec Homes started in 1968.

The weirdness began when our founders started building A-frame houses and were amazed at how inefficient it was. There was a lot of wasted space and wasted materials. When they saw how much more efficient a round house was, they did extensive research, made a few modifications, and Deltec Homes was born! Since then, our offerings and techniques have evolved, yet the building industry has remained the same: cutting materials and framing onsite, exposed to weather; builders in dangerous positions, hanging off scaffolding; and an average of 25-30% of materials (that you pay for) thrown in the landfill.

Maintaining the status quo can only go so far, and call us crazy (or weird), but we believe that your home should be built to a higher standard than what you see with most construction: protect from some of the most severe weather, provide a healthy indoor environment, low maintenance, reduce energy use, and last for generations to come.

So while Deltec homes aren’t for everyone, we take pride in the fact that our innovation in a stagnant industry is being noticed!