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Green Building

Deltec is changing the way the world builds. After all, humans have the knowledge and the technology to build homes that are so much better than what we’re used to. We know that homes must be resilient to withstand the storms. They must be healthy to live in and built from processes that sustain our natural systems, rather than degrading them. They must be extremely energy efficient and built thoughtfully, with the ability to power their own needs. They must be comfortable, connect you with your surroundings, and they must be beautiful.

A home that performs at a higher level is a green home.

super-insulated and air-tightHousing Innovation Award Winner Designed for natural comfort engineered to withstand harsh weather

Third Party Verification

Deltec homes aren’t just green by design, they are easily built to established green building standards for performance, as verified by a third party professional. Homes in our 360 Signature Collection are pre-designed to meet the stringent requirements of the USDOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home certification program if requirements are followed on site.  Meanwhile, for decades, customized round homes from our 360 Design Studio have been built all over the world to an array of building-science-backed certification programs, including the following:


Our local building company, Deltec Building Company, builds to Energy Star for Homes certification as a minimum standard, and completed the first DOE Zero Energy Ready Home in our home region of Asheville, North Carolina in 2019.

Deltec Homes even offers rebates to our clients who use third party certification on one of our homes.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Don’t just build a green home, build it in a green way. We build homes with a passion for stewardship, setting the example for environmentally conscious processes in the construction industry.  Some highlights:

deltec homes sustainable manufacturing

287 solar panels on the roof of our offices and facility

  • Our shell packages are manufactured with 100% renewable electricity, thanks to our facility powered with our on-site solar array and with purchased renewable energy.
  • Panelized building methods can greatly reduce construction waste, and our process diverts an average of 80% of our waste from the landfill through comprehensive reuse, recycling, and donation programs.
  • We offset our domestic shipping with contributions to local solar and energy efficiency projects in our community, such as the Isaac Dixson Elementary School community solar array.

Read more about our sustainable manufacturing initiatives and green building metrics in our 2020 annual sustainability report.  (Updated reports coming soon!)

Green Building Consultation

Green building sits at the intersection of science and philosophy. Our staff are trained in building science and passionate about sustainability. We offer comprehensive consulting for the aspects of your project that don’t come out of our facility.  We can work with you on all of these green building topics, and more!

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“We love our Deltec. It is a wonderful design and is VERY fuel efficient. It was ‘green’ before green was cool.”

Becky A. – Greenville, SC