Be different.

Round homes defy convention. There is a moment in our lives where things take an unexpected turn, where thinking outside the box puts us on a new and exciting path.

Waking up every day in a home that inspires this kind of thinking may sound far-fetched, but our homeowners tell these stories time and time again.

Be happy.

Large open spaces, vaulted ceilings, enhanced natural light, phenomenal air flow, continuous curves, and unparalleled interaction with the natural world outside create a living experience and sense of well-being like no other.
A Deltec home is more than a building. It’s the perfect space for relaxation, refuge, and retreat.

Be connected.

Round homes nurture your love of place. There is nothing like a panoramic view of your favorite landscape through the wrap-around windows of a Deltec home, which captures a curving view horizon up to 60′ wide.
Deltec homes also offer a unique integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces, with decks and patios that wrap around a room’s perimeter along with the windows.

Be safe and secure.

The circle is found throughout nature, and for good reason. Round structures require less material, provide the greatest structural strength of any other form and provide optimized energy efficiency.
Naturally better by design, our round home works with nature not against it, precision-engineered for exceptional strength and resilience. That’s why Deltec homes stand up under the most extreme weather conditions, time after time.
Learn more about Deltec’s Green Building programs.
Learn more about Deltec’s track record of Hurricane Resistance.
Radial Trusses

Why Deltec is a Trusted Building Partner.

Deltec Homes is a third-generation family-owned company based in Asheville, NC. Since 1968 our high-performance homes have been built in all 50 states, across Canada and the Caribbean,  and in over 30 countries. We believe that the world deserves better homes, and we strive every day to design and build each home the Deltec Way: built right the first time, for the benefit of those alive today and for future generations.
We are committed to using the best materials available, including special southern Georgia yellow pine that is twice the strength of commonly used structural lumber. Every Deltec is manufactured using our advanced panelized building system, resulting in a premium-quality, energy-efficient structure delivered directly to the job site, where it is assembled and finished like a stick-built home.
Three past Deltec projects have won the Housing Innovation Awards from the US Department of Energy for exemplary energy efficiency.
Since 2016 we have been a Certified B-Corporation, a rigorous designation (shared by businesses like Patagonia and Ben and Jerry’s) that meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.
B Corp Deltec

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How to Get Started

Deltec on Coast
Here's a high-level overview of what to be thinking about as you get started on your Deltec journey.

1. Discover your special place

Knowing where you want to build is an essential inspiration for your Deltec home. Need guidance? Our project consultants can get you started on this path.

2. Explore design options

There are two paths for creating your Deltec home: 360° Signature and 360° Design Studio. Our team can help guide you toward which product line is best for you, or take our quiz to explore on your own.

3. Connect with our Team

We’ve built over 6,000 Deltec homes – chances are we have answers for any question you might have. Reach out and let our team help you select the Deltec design path and find the design that is perfect for you.

4. Collaborate with us to make it real

When you are ready to begin working with us on your project, you will place a deposit toward the price of your home. From here, we work with you to plan out the details, including a building timeline, a budget, working with banks, selecting builders, and more.
Deltec on Coast