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A Tree House in the Woods

When Deltec homeowners, Jean and Gordon, decided to build a second home, they knew it had to be in a country setting. Having both grown up on a farm — Jean in the Irish midlands and Gordon on the Canadian prairies — they were drawn to a rural setting tucked away in the woods.

“We bought land in Grayson County, VA about 11 years ago and when it came time to build we agreed we wanted to incorporate environmentally friendly features,” Jean said. “While doing some online research we came across Deltec. We signed up for a weekend seminar and after that we were sold on the idea of a Deltec round house!”

Jean and Gordon chose a one-story 2000 model from our 360° Collection, which was completed in the summer of 2016. They note their great experience working with Deltec Project Manager, Chad Moore, who they found to be patient and an expert throughout the design process. They’ve also fallen in love with the house itself. In addition to the treehouse-like feel of the home, which Jean said she always wanted as a child (who didn’t!?), she says:

“We love our round house. It is cozy and comfortable and nothing in nature is square or rectangular so we feel we blend right into our clearing in the woods.”

About the home

  • Model: 2000 model on a crawlspace
  • Size: 2,070 square feet
  • Year built: 2016
  • Green features: Deltec’s Energy Wall, spray foam insulation
  • Cool features: Their fireplace is called a BIS (Built in Stove) Panorama. It is like a wood stove only it’s designed to fit into a fireplace like an insert. Thanks to the energy efficiency of the home, Jean says “we find that most of the time the heat generated by the stove is enough to heat the house – which is great when it comes to utility bills!”
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