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Green Building

Time to Clean Up

When you see a home under construction, does it look like the picture on the left? That’s pretty common with traditional stick-built construction. In fact, with traditional on-site building, about 25-30% of construction materials are sent to the landfill. Mind you, that’s material you pay for!

When you build a Deltec, however, it’s a much different scenario. Since our building components are precisely cut indoors, materials are used much more efficiently, therefore you get a much cleaner jobsite.

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Click to enlarge the images of some Deltec jobsites.

Further, we have an extensive recycle and reuse program that allows us to divert an average of 80% of waste in production away from landfills. Scrap wood is regularly donated to Habitat for Humanity and various local organizations. Read more about it in our Sustainability Report.

Where does this whole process begin? In our production facility that runs on 100% renewable energy. From start to finish, your home is built sustainably and with deep consideration to our environment. This passion has been inherent in Deltec since 1968. We’re determined to create a higher standard for the building industry, one house at a time.