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The Tree House

Philip, a retired C.P.A. from Atlanta, was thinking about building a timber frame house on his newly purchased property in Montreat, NC. That was  until he met a couple who lived nearby that quickly changed his mind. They invited him to their custom-built, Deltec home in Black Mountain and he was hooked.

He wanted to build a fun, whimsical house that was homey, yet high-tech and as comfortable as it was cost-efficient. A home that felt like a tree house high in the mountains with a dance floor so that he and his “sweetheart,” Avis, could ballroom dance to their hearts’ content. A Deltec home, allowing plenty of room for creativity – and Ava’s colorful paintings and sculptures – fit the bill.

Deltec was able to give Arnold exactly the kind of home he envisioned. The 3,200-square-foot house, designed to accommodate visiting friends and family, includes a 1,000-square-foot guest suite connected to the main house by an enclosed walkway. The main living area features a dance floor, partitioned “conversation areas” and breathtaking panoramic views.

Though the living space is all on one-level, the house and wrap around deck is built on pilings looking two stories down onto the trees and rain gardens below, says Arnold.

For nearly 50 years, Deltec has been designing unique, eco-friendly and low maintenance homes.  The experience of building a custom home was a new one for Philip, who says it “turned out to be a fun, happy experience.”

From start to finish, it was a no-hassle process, Arnold adds. “Deltec worked with me until the basic design was just right,” he says, then assisted with every step of the project until the home was complete. The whole team worked together beautifully,” he says.

Phillip was also committed to live in a green home, so he worked with Deltec’s green building department to build Montreat’s first certified Healthy Built Home. “At no extra cost to me, this was a tremendous service” he says.

“It’s a well-insulated, solidly built home that blends in with its natural surroundings. It just feels right.”

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