Renew Collection Price Explanation

Shell Pricing

Pricing for the Renew Collection structural shell packages in the examples from Our Homes were configured with typical options selected by Deltec customers. This is not the base package.

Typical shell price includes:

  • Floor system for a crawlspace foundation
  • Painted durable composite siding
  • Pre-installed Marvin Integrity windows
  • Deck packages

We offer many more options with our shell packages. Our sales consultants can generate a shell package quote tailored to your specific selections.

Turnkey Price Range

The turnkey cost ranges indicate the likely costs to assemble the Deltec shell package and fully finish the home. These numbers are calculated using national average construction data compiled by a third party company. These costs do not include land purchase or site work.

The turnkey ranges includes:

  • All of the options listed in the the shell package
    • The low end of the range uses the “economy” number, indicating a more basic level of interior finishes, for the south package
    • the high end of the range uses the “premium” number, indicating a higher end level of interior finish, for the north package + solar

We can generate a range for your specific project, taking into account the options you want, your build location and your targeted finish level.

Energy Savings

Estimated yearly energy savings are based on this Deltec home compared to an existing home of the same size built in 1990, using the national average energy costs. Exact energy savings will vary based on site-specific variables. These estimates do not include on-site renewable energy generation, such as a solar electric array or solar hot water system. Adding those options would result in even more energy savings.