Referral Program

As a small business, referrals are a large part of our success. Therefore we’re glad to reward those who help us spread the word about Deltec Homes.

If a person you refer buys a Deltec, you’ll receive $100 at the time they place their initial deposit and $500 when their home ships. This reward is offered for two types of referrals:

New customer referrals

You refer someone who has never had prior contact with Deltec (make sure they let us know who referred them!)

Homeowner Referral Club (HRC)

Prospective customers from all over ask to see one of our homes in their area. Our Homeowner Referral Club gives current Deltec owners the opportunity to show their home and in return will receive the referral fee for any tour that results in a sale. If you’re a Deltec homeowner, click here to sign up

See terms and conditions.