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Prefab vs. Modular vs. Panelized

You’ve likely heard the terms “prefabricated”, “modular” or “panelized” when it comes to home building. Although they’re sometimes used interchangeably, there are actually distinct differences between these types of construction.


Prefabricated homes (or “prefab”) is a broad term that refers to several different types of building. Technically, any home that has sections of the structure built in a factory and then assembled on site falls under the “prefab” definition. Therefore, modular and panelized are types of prefabricated homes.


With a panelized building system, the structural components of a home (walls, roof and floor systems) are constructed in a factory and delivered to the jobsite where it is  and finished just like a stick-built home. Panelized houses must follow state and federal building code requirements and can be regularly inspected, just like site-built homes.


Modular homes are built almost entirely in a factory. The house is constructed in separate box-like modules—complete with attached walls, floor, ceiling, wiring, plumbing and interior fixtures—which are transported and put together onsite. This is typically a more affordable option to panelized building.

Which type is Deltec considered?

Deltec is a panelized building system. Our standard home package comes with all the necessary components to dry the home in (i.e. make it weather-proof). Once dried in, it is completed just like a traditional, stick-built home. This allows you to get the quality construction that panelized building offers and the customization that stick-built offers. In addition to the standard components, we have several options you can add, such as pre-installed siding and windows, allowing your builder to save even more time in the field.

Check out the timelapse below to see the full construction of a Deltec: