Deltec Round House on Pilings
Hurricane Resistant

Surviving Hurricanes in Style: Off-Grid Island Living – Deltec Home Featured by The National Weather Desk

Cusabo Island is a small barrier island that is reached by a short boat ride from the mainland in South Carolina. It is location chosen by  Jimmy and Darlene for building their Deltec home. After experiencing Hurricane Hugo’s devastation back in 1989, this Charleston couple decided to build a 1,000 sq ft Deltec round house designed to withstand nature’s fury.

They’ve created a home that is not only built to withstand a major hurricane, but to also provide comfort in the aftermath. The home is completely off the grid with solar power and a cistern water collection and purification system. The home stays comfortable all summer long without the need for a backup generator. Learn more about their story and home  in the video below.