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Off-Grid Home Built for Family

When Peter and Jenna decided to build a new home, they wanted the layout to take what they loved, and what they didn’t love, from their former addresses—including a Victorian flat in San Francisco, built in the 1870s.

Deltec’s Ridgeline model and its open floor plan fit the bill. “The open kitchen, dining, and living space makes having large family gatherings comfortable,” Peter says. “Everyone can be together without feeling cramped.”

Another reason he opted for a model in the Renew Collection is that the homes are pre-designed to use two-thirds less energy than a typical home and make achieving net-zero energy easy.

deltec homes net zero

Peter, Jenna and their daughter Sabine

Although Peter and Jenna weren’t originally thinking of going off-grid when they began working with Deltec, they quickly realized that with a few customizations and add-ons to the Ridgeline model, their family could, in fact, totally “unplug.” A photovoltaic array and batteries provide most of the home’s energy needs, including running the pump for its well. But Peter stresses no one system is responsible for making off-grid possible. Rather, it’s a holistic approach.

The open floor plan conducive for a young family and the benefits of energy efficient design weren’t the only reasons they were drawn to Deltec.

“After touring the factory, we could see that the working conditions looked safe and comfortable and that the building materials would stay dry at all times and go up quickly,” he says. “Traditional construction could have exposed our framing and flooring to the elements for weeks.”

We think you’ll agree that their modern and inviting home is truly breathtaking!

About the home

  • Model: Ridgeline A with two porches enclosed to make an extra room
  • Size: 1,786 square feet
  • Year built: 2017
  • Green features: Energy Star certification in progress; photovoltaic array with batteries; wood stove that exceeds EPA emissions and efficiency requirements; compact and ultra-efficient appliances; super-insulated walls, basement, and ceiling; optimized HVAC mini-split system with an ERV; glazed windows; skylights with summer shades; recycled siding; low-flow toilets
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