Come see us speak at the International Builders’ Show

Steve Linton, president of Deltec and Leigha Dickens, green building and sustainability manager were invited to speak at the National Association of Home Buiders’ International Builders’ Show on January 21st in Las Vegas. In their interactive presentation, you’ll not only discover the essential elements of a high performance home, but also take an active role in its design. Leigha and Steve will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of different choices during various stages of the design process. At each decision point, you will vote for your favorite option and the process will continue along the path chosen by the majority. You’ll learn the relative cost of each solution as it is tallied towards the total investment in the home, and at the end of the presentation, you can revisit the home to offer alternatives, should budget or other factors not allow for the original choices. By the end, you will know precisely how to guide your customers through this same process. If you’re in Las Vegas area, be sure to catch this fun and informative presentation!

You Decide: An Interactive Lesson in Designing a High Performance Home
Thursday, January 21 | 1:00 – 2:00 PM
Where: Las Vegas Convention Center | South 231

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