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Hurricane Resistant

Improving the Hurricane Resistance of Existing Homes

With hurricane season upon us, it is more important than ever for homeowners to prepare their abodes for hurricane-force winds, tropical storms and possible flooding.  Starting from the ground up to design a home that resists hurricane-force winds is the ideal option, but for existing homes there are still ways to make specific updates that will improve the resilience of the home.  In this blog we share ideas within three categories: Wind, Water, and Working Out a Plan.

WIND.  Protecting your home from damaging winds is an essential part of preparing your home for a storm.

  • Guard your Windows and Doors. Entry points like doors and windows are one of the weakest and most vulnerable parts of your home during a major storm. Protecting windows with storm shutters or plywood greatly reduces the likelihood of hurricane force winds entering your home and causing damage. Plywood is fairly inexpensive, and when installed properly, it can hold up very well against hurricane-force winds.  
  • Upgrade Your Garage Door.  Garage doors can become a critical failure point in a hurricane. Once it enters your garage, the air from hurricanes cannot escape from where it came and eventually builds up air pressure. That pressure expands and the easiest way back out of the garage may be through exterior doors, windows and eventually the roof.  
  • Hurricane Ties.  Inspect your roof from the attic side to determine whether your home has hurricane ties.  If not, have them installed to ensure your roof is strongly attached to the rest of your house.  The pictures below show the typical types of roof attachment.

Secure Loose Objects. Outdoor objects surrounding your home can become deadly airborne missiles when swept up by a hurricane’s strong winds, potentially damaging any property in its path. Pick up, tie down or secure anything that could become a projectile with high winds.  Think about trimming trees to reduce any falling limbs and cleaning up things around your home and yard like potted plants, lawn furniture, outdoor seating, BBQ grills and children’s toys.