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I Hate Walls

By Steve Linton, president of Deltec Homes

Why is it that most American homes have so many walls on the inside? I was recently having a cup of coffee with an old professor of mine and he made the most fascinating statement: “I hate walls.” Hate walls? What? Why?

His point was simple and elegant: why do I want to feel constrained in my own home? Would we not thrive in a more open, expansive environment – one that encourages creativity and nourishes our desire to learn, be playful, and explore?

You can probably see where this is going. Not to be too self-serving, this was really a big “aha” moment for me: people enjoy homes that provide a nurturing and illuminating environment, and walls just simply get in the way of that. If you look at examples of homes from other cultures and in other contexts, you can see examples of this desire at work:




One of the most challenging things to describe about a round home is what it truly “feels” like inside. Studying floor plans, soaking up photos, and exploring virtual tours are helpful, but I have always told folks that there’s nothing quite like getting inside a round home. We’d love to have you come and visit to see for yourself.

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Deltec home in VA

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Deltec home in TN

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Deltec home in CA

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How about it – do you hate walls too?