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Our homes have survived the worst hurricanes on record.

Deltec’s round hurricane-resistant homes are designed to work WITH nature, not against it.

What does an extreme weather resistant home look like? Welcome to Deltec Homes – our high-performance aerodynamic homes are architecturally distinctive with beautiful 360-degree views. Time after time, home after home, storm after storm, Deltec homes are left standing with no structural damage. As even stronger storms threaten, Deltec stands alone — our round homes built over the last 30 years have a 99.9% survival rate, enduring direct hits from some of the most powerful hurricanes on record, from Andrew, Katrina and Wilma, to Michael, Dorian and 2022’s Ian.

What does hurricane preparedness look like?

It’s not all dim lights and concrete bunkers. Our high-performance aerodynamic homes are architecturally distinctive with beautiful 360-degree views.

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Designed for strength, durability and energy-efficiency.

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Round homes perform better in hurricanes – by design.

Unlike conventional construction, all aspects of a Deltec round home are ingeniously designed to work as a system, making it the smartest home you can build for high wind areas.
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  1. Wind can’t build up enough pressure on any side to cause a structural failure.
  2. Optimum roof pitch (6/12) for wind deflection and reduced lift.
  3. Circular structure transfers environmental loads most efficiently.


  1. Radial floor & roof trusses work like spokes on a wheel.
  2. Energy from sustained winds is dispersed instead of building up in a single area.


  1. Machine rated 2400 psi framing lumber used in trusses and walls is twice as strong as typical framing material.
  2. Five Ply 5/8” plywood sheathing used instead of OSB on exterior walls, roof and floor strengthens the home and prevents flying debris from penetrating the structure.
  3. Reinforced windows with impact glass prevent wind and water from entering the home.


  1. Oversized truss hangers keep roof system anchored to walls.
  2. Walls have multiple construction ties to the floor system for structural stability and to transfer shear forces.
  3. Continuous metal strapping from roof trusses to foundation helps maintain structural stability.

Energy Efficiency

  1. Solar energy options may be incorporated into home to provide power and hot water in the event of a prolonged power outage.
  2. Enhanced insulation maintains a balanced temperature inside the home.
  3. Reflective metal roof helps reduce radiant heat gain in the home.
  4. Passive solar design helps heat and cool the building through appropriate window placement.

A dramatic look at Deltec Homes before and after notable hurricanes.

2022 Hurricane Ian

Pine Island, FL
Category 4
Winds of 150mph

2019 Hurricane Dorian

Scotland Cay, Bahamas
Category 5
Winds of 185mph

2018 Hurricane Michael

Mexico Beach, Florida
Category 5
Winds of 160mph

2017 Hurricane Harvey

Rockport, TX
Category 4
Winds of 130mph

2017 Hurricane Irma

St. John, US Virgin Islands
Category 5
Winds of 185mph

1996 Hurricane Fran

North Topsail Beach, NC
Category 3
Winds of 120mph


You can customize your Deltec to make it uniquely yours. Select your size, from 300 square feet to 2,500. Add one, two or three stories, or connect different-sized models.

Every round Deltec home is free from interior load-bearing walls, so the creative possibilities are endless.

All 26 Deltecs on Black’s Island—an intimate private island resort in Florida’s St. Joseph Bay—survived multiple catastrophic hurricanes, including Hurricane Michael.

This is who we are

Deltec has been in business for 55 years and has built high-performance homes in all 50 states and over 30 countries. We are a third-generation family-owned company based in Asheville, NC.

Deltec connects with homeowners on a regular basis—specifically before and after any major hurricane. Homeowners provide invaluable feedback so we can continuously improve our homes.

Since 2016 we have been Certified B-Corporation, a rigorous designation that meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

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