How It Works

It Starts With The Deltec Structural Shell

Deltec homes are precision manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility, enabling us to focus on details and ensuring a perfect fit once it’s on the job site. We provide the components of the home’s critical structural shell, including:
Specific components and options depend upon which Deltec collection you choose, 360° Signature or 360° Design Studio. Learn more about specific shell components.
The Deltec structural shell

What’s Not Included

The structural shell is the most important part of your home to get right, and our system makes it possible to build a uniquely strong and energy efficient round home anywhere in the world. The following aspects are are most effectively done on site by you or your builder and are not provided by Deltec: land, site work, permitting, foundation, roof shingles, interior wall framing, cavity insulation, HVAC, electrical components, plumbing components, finish drywall, flooring, and fixtures such as cabinets, countertops, lighting, appliances, and other interior finish materials. Building in Western North Carolina or the Southeastern US? See 3 Ways to Build below for additional Deltec services.

This full build process video gives an overview of how our whole system works. The second video shows the time-lapse assembly of an actual Deltec in Mongolia!

How much does a Deltec Home Cost?

Because every homeowner and every building site is different, there can be a wide range in estimated total construction costs for a home. Here are important things to note at the beginning to help you on your Deltec journey.

Your Deltec shell package is about 1/3 of the total cost.

It’s a rough rule of thumb that the Deltec shell package typically represents about one-third of the total cost. This ratio may vary from 25% to 40% depending on your specific project, but this will give you a starting point.
The on-site construction portion of your project is completed by your local builder and includes site prep, the foundation, the roof shingles, the mechanical and electrical systems, insulation and drywall, and all of your finishes and fixtures.
Deltec Cost Graphic

What’s most important to you – hitting your budget or custom-designing a home just for you?

Our most cost-effective path, maximizing manufacturing efficiencies and eliminating the floorplan design costs while giving you multiple layouts in each model.
Allows you to design exactly what you want with the full support of our experienced design team.

Shell Package Pricing and Estimated Total Cost to Build.

You can view the shell package pricing for our homes throughout our website. We also include an estimated total cost to build (sometimes referred to as the “turnkey price”) to give you a ballpark of the total you’ll spend on your finished home, including the Deltec shell package.
The total cost to build a Deltec is usually about $250–$600 per square foot. We understand that this is a large range, but the variation depends on your location, whether you choose 360° Signature or 360° Design Studio, your builder, and the level of finishes that you choose. Additionally, some of our homeowners enjoy being a part of the building process and lower their costs by being a DIYer.

Three Ways to Build With Us

We make it possible for you to build a precision engineered high-performance round home anywhere in the world.

Where are you planning to build your dream home?

1. In Western North Carolina, your finished home, from permitting all the way to handing you the keys, is built by the Deltec team (within about 45 minutes of downtown Asheville).
2. In 10 Southeastern United States: Deltec shell components are manufactured, delivered and assembled by a Deltec team on your foundation, and finished by you or your builder.
3. Anywhere else in the world: Deltec shell components are manufactured and delivered to your site and assembled and finished by you or your builder. Deltecs have been built in over 30 countries to date, and we provide detailed instructions and support for your team to assemble the structural shell.
Three ways to build a Deletc home map

Order a Free Booklet

Our introductory booklet features stunning photography accompanied by useful information about building a Deltec home.

Let’s get started

Your journey to a life outside the box is made easy by our Deltec team. Building a home from scratch is both exciting and challenging, and the process and timeline for each homeowner will vary based on the project specifics. Whatever Deltec design inspires you, you can count on our decades of experience to help guide you at every step, as we work together to envision and create your amazing Deltec home.
The timeline below is a summary of the major phases in our process. Our 360° Design Studio clients will work through each step in the process, and those choosing a design from our 360° Signature Collection are able to skip steps 1–2 and start at step 3.