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Deltec Is Celebrating Third Party Green Building Programs with a New Rebate Program

Third party verification is so important in new home construction. It can be the difference between a key detail that is handled correctly or is forever missed, dogging the home with energy efficiency or durability issues that it just didn’t have to have.

Green building programs inject much-needed knowledge and experience into a typical residential construction project. These programs are designed by building science and green building professionals, based on past experiences about what works, and what really doesn’t.

Clients often ask us, are there any rebates or incentives out there for green certification?  To be clear:  we think these programs add great value to your project, regardless of rebates. But in honor of our recent Housing Innovation Award, a recognition we are so honored to have received from the US Department of Energy for our recent Zero Energy Ready Home certified project, we’ve decided to make the answer to that question a “Yes” for our customers. For a limited time, we are offering both our customers, and their builders, a rebate for earning a green building certification on their Deltec project.

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Select Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of third party green certification?

The main benefit is quality assurance to you, the homeowner, that key science-backed practices have been followed during construction. There are many construction details that are all too often missed in a typical build process that negatively impact the efficiency, durability, and health of the home, and these programs introduce an extra check on those items to ensure they are handled correctly. These programs also offer frameworks for how to select building practices and technologies that actually deliver exceptional energy savings, air quality, resiliency, and environmental sustainability. For the builder, adherence to these standards can greatly reduce callbacks and produce happier, more loyal customers.

Secondary benefits are the participation and support of programs that push the entire industry in a more environmentally sustainable and quality-oriented direction, and increased credibility and visibility for the builder (often, these programs provide marketing assistance to participating builders.) In some locations where green building certification is common, certification can offer increased appraised value for the home, as well as faster resale potential at a higher price.

In the case of Fortified Home certification, some insurance companies in some states offer reduced insurance rates.

Read more about benefits of certification here

Q: How exactly do I get a third party green certification on my home?

Each program requires enrolling in the program prior to the start of construction, hiring a third party professional called a Rater to oversee the certification, following the specific building practices required  by the program during the build, and bringing this Rater to the jobsite for key inspection points during construction to verify that those requirements have been followed. That Rater will then issue you a certificate once the home is complete and all criteria are met.

Read more detail about the process here.  

Q: Which green certification program is right for me?

There are many to choose from, and considerations such as budget, which program is more commonly done in your geographic area, and your particular green building goals will play a role.  A comprehensive overview of each program, along with helpful links and resources for each, can be found here.

(Our favorite is the Zero Energy Ready Home—it offers an excellent framework for common sense energy efficiency and indoor air quality strategies, without introducing a large amount of complexity or cost.)

Q: I still need more help understanding all this, and with finding a Rater/Verifier.

Not a problem! Ask your sales consultant or Deltec project manager to help you set up an appointment with our green building department. We can talk to you about your specific project in more detail.