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Five Unique, Highly Efficient Deltec Homes

In recent years, prefabricated building has gained more and more recognition as a “better way to build”. In addition to being faster and more energy efficient, prefab homes can be customized to fit your needs and personal taste. Whiles the rest of the world is just now catching up, we’ve known about this since 1968! Offering designs from round to traditional to modern, each Deltec home can achieve any level of energy efficiency, from high performance to net-zero.  This list is a good testament to how everybody has a different vision when it comes to their dream home.


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Deltec Homes Net Zero DeltecHomes_001-interior-pinterest deltec home round floorplan

deltec home round floorplan

1. Net-Zero Energy with a View

With a goal to optimize his views and be as energy efficient as possible, this homeowner chose a custom, round Deltec. He also acted as his own general contractor and did a lot of work himself. In fact, the wood from the ceiling, most of the trim and some of the cabinetry were all cut from his property, dried, formed and finished onsite.

Features: 4,340 total square feet | 14kW solar array | 3’0 overhang | Insulated basement and foundation | Double stud wall | Net-zero energy | HERS Rating before solar: 39, HERS Rating with solar: ~0 | Estimated annual energy savings: $1,922


2. Model Home & Innovation Center

This net-zero energy home serves as both a model home, as well as a research and development tool for us to study energy and moisture through home intelligence monitoring systems. Updates on the home’s performance are displayed on an iPad by the front door — talk about a smart home! Come see it for yourself: open Wednesday – Friday 9am-5pm; Saturday 10am-4pm.

Features: 1,496 square feet | Passive solar Design | Net-zero energy | GreenBuilt North Carolina Platinum certified | HERS Rating: 7 | 5 kW solar array | Estimated annual energy savings = $1560

deltec homes model home




ADT 2006 Model Template





Deltec Homes net-zero Deltec Homes ridgeline renew collection deltec homes floorplan

3. Ridgeline

When this couple decided to build their “forever home” where they could retire, they knew it had to be high efficiency and low maintenance. Enter the Ridgeline model from our Renew Collection. Pre-designed to use 2/3 less energy than a typical home the Ridgeline B was the perfect size and layout for them. Rick, a general contractor, was also able to act as owner/builder, fulfilling his lifelong dream of building his own home.

Features: 1,604 square feet | Passive solar design | Deltec Energy Wall | Projected HERS Rating: 53 | ENERGY STAR for Homes | Estimated annual energy savings = $834


4. The Tree House

Built on a site that’s in a National Wildlife Federation Certified Habitat, this home was the first in its city to receive the GreenBuilt North Carolina certification. Having always wanted to live in a tree house, this homeowner included a wrap-around porch and expansive windows to truly let the outdoors in. Since there are no load-bearing walls in a Deltec, he left the living space wide open and uses it has a ballroom dance space!

Features: 3,326 square feet | Elevated on wood pilings for less site disturbance | Spray in foam insulation | GreenBuilt NC certified | Estimated annual energy savings = $1,525

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deltec home round floorplan






Deltec Homes Green prefab green prefab homes Energy Efficient homeprefab home


5. Grid-Tied

Determined to live in a high performance home, this couple chose to build a round home because of the inherent energy efficiency. Since there is less surface area and better airflow in a circular home, heat gain and loss is drastically reduced. Starting with an efficient building envelope makes reaching higher levels of performance easier. The fact that they can enjoy their view of the Shenandoah Valley from nearly anywhere in the house is an added benefit!

Features: 2,150 square feet | Passive solar design | Solar hot water | 4.8 kW solar array