Diversity & Equity

As a certified B Corporation and woman-owned business, we know the value that a social-oriented and diverse company can provide. But we also know that much work still needs to be done.

Public statements of support are good. But action is needed. We will continue our commitment to dismantling racial inequities and other forms of oppression. We will continue to educate ourselves, implement best practices, hold our ourselves and our partners to higher standards—all toward the goal of fostering a culture of inclusivity and promoting equitable opportunities for all.

A core team, the JEDI (justice, equity, diversity and inclusion) team, has been working to further these efforts, including developing an antiracism action plan with clear and transparent objectives to keep us accountable to our commitments.

Our team has identified four key topics on which to focus:


Continuous employee training. This includes each employee taking anti-bias assessments followed by semi-annual diversity training.


Focus on employee hiring as a critical component. This includes a public commitment to hiring a diverse workforce, broader recruitment among marginalized communities and blind resume reviews, among others.

Understanding the ability of language and names to continue and validate the status quo, we are being intentional in our language and how we reference things during our design and building process. Something as simple as renaming the master bedroom to bedroom suite can have an impact.


We will double down on working with our local community and other B-Corp organizations towards a more just world. It includes a commitment to increasing the majority of our charitable giving to those non-profits focused on providing housing to marginalized groups.

Supply Chain

Working with our suppliers provides an outsized impact. We are building a supplier recognition program as well as working with our suppliers to establish a code of ethics.

Deltec homes believes the world deserves better homes, and that the world deserves to be more just and sustainable. Please join us. Should you have any questions, please reach out to our JEDI team here.