Deltec to Build Second Model Home in Mars Hill, North Carolina

We’re excited to announce we’re building a new model home! The three bedroom, two bath home will be 1,500 square feet and net-zero energy.

“We wanted to show people a more typical Deltec home so we decided to go with one of our most popular sizes,” said Steve Linton, president of Deltec. “People are always impressed with our current model, but we often get requests to see a smaller one. We’re excited to finally fulfill those requests.”

True to our core values, the new model will demonstrate sustainable and energy efficient building principles. The passive solar design, with south-facing windows and stained concrete floors to act as a thermal mass, will help keep the home cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Using our Energy Wall and Energy Saver overhang, it will be super-insulated and air-tight, demonstrating the most cutting edge practices for energy efficient construction. In addition to these features, all of the electricity will come from renewable energy through an on-site solar array, enabling it to achieve Green Built North Carolina Net-Zero certification upon completion.

Located on the same lot as the current 4,500 square-foot model in Mars Hill, NC, the new model will allow people to see two variations. Construction will begin this fall. We’ll keep our customers posted on the progress with pictures and updates!