Deltec homes panoramic view
Year in Review

Deltec’s Best of 2015

The first newsletter of every year features a “best of” the previous year.  As we look back, we realize 2015 was quite a year! We had some great highlights including a feature on the DIY Network show Breakneck Builds, construction of a new net-zero model home, a new planbook (which should be out in a few weeks), the new DIY and Tiny Homes Collection, a record number of seminar attendance and a brand new website. In addition to those accomplishments, we highlight our biggest, smallest and furthest homes we shipped, our home with the best view, our top 3 most shipped states and our most exciting moment:


Deltec homes schoolThis year we had the honor to build the French Broad River Academy here in Asheville. In order to accommodate the size they needed, we used two Crescent Chalet models and stretched them out to equal about 8,985 square feet. One building has nine classrooms and office space. The second is a multipurpose building, used as a performance space and indoor PE classes. Given its close proximity to the French Broad river, the school was built on pilings, with the ground floor serving as garage and storage.


The smallest structure we shipped in 2015 was a one-story, 300 square foot model here in North Carolina. These homeowners will be using it as a personal dance studio!

Best view

As seen from the header photo in the blog, this beautiful 1,600 model is located in Colorado – that view almost looks fake! It’s not we promise…

Top 3 most shipped states

The top three most shipped states are 1) North Carolina, 2) Michigan, 3) Florida


The furthest home that we shipped this year was in Okinawa, Japan—7700 miles away! The home is a two-story 1500 model. Tom and his wife plan to deltec homes prefab roundlive on the second floor and rent out the first floor. One of the main reasons they chose a Deltec was because of the strength. For this region, typhoons are not uncommon and it’s a very active earthquake zone. In fact, Okinawa had five typhoons over the summer. Luckily they haven’t put their Deltec to the test just yet, but they feel fully prepared. “When that time comes, we’re confident that we will be safe and secure in our typhoon resistant Deltec,” Tom said.

Most Exciting Moment

New Model Home

This year we started construction on our second model home. True to our core values, the new 1500-sqft model will demonstrate sustainable and energy efficient building principles. The passive solar design, with south-facing windows and stained concrete floors to act as a thermal deltec model homemass, will help keep the home cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Using our Energy Wall and Energy Saver overhang, it will be super-insulated and air-tight, demonstrating the most cutting edge practices for energy efficient construction. In addition to these features, all of the electricity will come from renewable energy through an on-site solar array, enabling it to achieve Green Built North Carolina Net-Zero certification upon completion. We’ll continue to keep you updated on the progress & plans for a grand opening party in the spring of 2016.