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Asheville Housing Development Project

With the shell set finished in two days, the student crews put the siding up on an especially exciting new Ridgeline build here in Deltec’s home city of Asheville, NC. Based on the Ridgeline F, this build marks an exciting new phase in a collaboration between the Asheville Housing Authority and the local non-profit Green Opportunities.

The mission of Green Opportunities is to “train, support, and connect people from marginalized communities to sustainable employment pathways.” The non-profit offers carpentry training to students, and this year’s class will take part in finishing out the interior of this customized Ridgeline F as part of their curriculum. Last June, the students toured our manufacturing facility to get a firsthand understanding of building a panelized home. They’re now nearing completion of the Ridgeline model that was panelized in our facility this past December. Deltec is excited to be part of this opportunity to offer training to the next generation of contractors. The Housing Authority for the City of Asheville will maintain ownership of this home—and two more structures to be built by the students over the next few years—as affordable housing for community members. Each building will be a duplex with one bedroom on each side.