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5 Luxurious Prefabricated Homes

In recent years, the reputation of prefabricated homes has shifted from an affordable alternative to traditional building, to a high end modern option that is disrupting the home building industry. Since 1968, Deltec Homes been the leading provider of unique, luxury prefab homes. This list shows a few variations of some of our most luxurious homes, built in almost every setting imaginable.

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Deltec Homes Net Zero1. Net-Zero Energy with a View

With a goal to optimize his views and be as energy efficient as possible, this homeowner chose a custom, round Deltec home. He also acted as his own general contractor and did a lot of work himself. In fact, the wood from the ceiling, most of the trim and some of the cabinetry were all cut from his property, dried, formed and finished onsite. Even though it’s a large home at 4,340 square feet, it produces all of it’s own energy.

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2. Model Home in the Mountainsdeltec homes

Our model home in North Carolina features 4,720 square feet, four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a home office, open concept living area and a movie theater! The size of it doesn’t make it less energy efficient, this GreenBuilt North Carolina certified home saves an average of $2,071/year in energy savings. Come see it for yourself: open Wednesday – Friday 9am-5pm; Saturday 10am-4pm. Or click here for a virtual tour.

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3. Living Large in Wine Country

When you have a view like this, how could you build anything other than a round home? Located in Sonoma County, California, this home is 2,546 square feet. The panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean is complemented by expansive windows on both the 1st and 2nd floors and a large back porch. They also incorporated our open-to-below option, which enhances the view even more.

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4. Mountain to Seacharleston-deltec homes

This two-story, 2992 square-foot home in Charleston, SC is across the street from the beach and features 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, amazing ocean views and great outdoor space! Why ‘Mountain to Sea’? These homeowners incorporated some rustic, mountain decor to compliment the relaxed, beachy feel of their Deltec. In fact, reclaimed wood from their barn in Marshall, NC make up their bed frames and other furniture around the house. Next time you plan your vacation, consider staying here! Click here for rental information.

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Deltec Homes5. World Travelers Come Home to Deltec

After an exciting career traveling the world while working for the US Embassy, these homeowners were ready to build their dream home. They decided on a quiet, lakeside community on the shores of Lake James in North Carolina. They built a two story 2,992 sq ft home with four bedrooms, three bathroom, a home office and extremely open concept. They personalized their home in various ways: a unique gray-green stucco exterior, a covered entryway and a stairwell wing (complete with elevator) specifically built to house large stained glass windows. It’s no surprise that their favorite feature is the large, expansive windows and wrap-around decks where they can enjoy a panoramic view of the lake.

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