360 Signature Collection FAQs

What is Included in a Deltec 360 Signature Package?

A: Deltec provides the structural shell of the home, which makes up about one third of the finished home. In the 360 Signature package specifically, that shell includes:

• Our 8’ tall “Energy Wall” design featuring open stud advanced 2x6 framing, factory-insulated double 2x10 headers, factory installed AirBlock gasket between sheathing and framing for extra air-tightness, 5/8” plywood sheathing, 1” exterior rigid foam insulation and drainable housewrap.
• Factory-installed Marvin Elevate window package offering superior strength and durability with a wood frame and fiberglass exterior, and including a LowE366 coating and argon gas fill. Your choice of frame color.
• Factory-installed LP Smartside engineered wood lap siding with factory-applied paint undercoat (last coat to be installed in the field). LP SmartSide offers the warmth and beauty of natural wood along with the advantages of LP engineered wood. This siding is free of knots and resists warping, twisting, cupping, and shrinking as with other wood sidings.
• Roof sheathing pre-cut to the geometry of the home
• Roof underlayment.
• Clear spanning radial roof truss system with central ring and collar connection, allowing for a vaulted ceiling in main areas of these plans.
• When building on a crawlspace or piling/pier foundation, add our radial WebTec™ floor truss system with structural framing for the decks shown in plans.
• Premium hardware package that has been designed and engineered to make sure all critical connections are present to make this home a fortress and stand the test of time.
• Construction documents which include the floor plan, a basic foundation layout, basic mechanical and electrical plans, and basic insulation specifications targeted at achieving Zero Energy Ready Home level performance in select US climate zones and making your contractor’s job easier to provide bids.

Additional options are also available and described on the 360 Signature Collection main page.

Can I make modifications to my 360 Signature floor plan or shell package specifications?

360 Signature plans were created to accentuate the joy of living in a round structure while having a focus on energy efficiency and resilience. A pre-designed floor plan offers a faster design and build process and lower overall construction costs, therefore our 360 Signature plans cannot be modified. Our 360 Design Studio offers a more custom home experience for clients seeking to build a more custom home. This line offers a wide variety of options and allows clients to design their own custom interior layouts or modify any of our existing plans to their liking.

Where is the 360 Signature Collection available?

This home shell package is available for clients building on a crawlspace, piling/pier, or slab foundation in any state in the continental US except for California, Washington, or Oregon. An upgraded wind speed package is also available for the Caribbean. (Some conditions apply, see separate FAQ below about building one of these homes in the Caribbean.) Other local design criteria may further limit the availability of the product, such as wind speeds above 190 miles per hour, high seismic loads, or high snow loads. Please consult with your sales representative for specific site condition limitations.

Why is the Signature 360° Collection unavailable in California, Washington, Oregon, or Hawaii, or in most locations outside of the US?

These locations have unique and complex building code and building permitting requirements and processes that differ greatly from those of other states. Many also have unique energy code, seismic, or other structural requirements that are not met by the standard options built into these pre-designed plans. Deltec Homes has a long history of building homes successfully in all these areas, using our custom design process to allow more flexibility in design and shell package options to meet local needs. Clients in these states will need to use our 360 Design Studio, and be advised that a local architect will likely also be needed to help complete the permit set.

Why is the Signature 360 Collection unavailable in areas of high snow load, or in areas with wind speeds higher than 190 miles per hour?

In some limited locations with very high snow loads, a center support pole is required, while most locations in the country do not need this support pole and can take advantage of our unique self-supporting roof system. If you need help determining if you are in a high snow load area, reach out to your Deltec sales consultant for help. Each plan has been reviewed by our engineer for wind speed compliance and has a high wind limit. The wind speed limits have to do with many factors including local requirements, the use of additional hardware, and most critically, the number and size of window openings. Each of these floor plans has a set window/door schedule. It is quite possible to build a Deltec Home to higher wind speeds and many Deltec homeowners have done so, those clients will need to work within our 360 Design Studio to ensure a design that is adequate for their local wind speeds. If you need help determining the wind speed requirements in your area, reach out to your Deltec sales consultant for help. Also see this page for information about the 360 Signature Collection's wind design speeds.

Can I build my 360 Signature home on a basement foundation?

At this time, the 360 Signature Collection is for homes on crawlspaces, pilings/piers, or slabs only. Projects on basements require additional, site-specific design work to account for stairs, delineation of heated/unheated spaces, and site-specific needs for basement entries. These clients should work with our 360 Design Studio.

What does Net-Zero Ready mean?

Plans designated as Net Zero Ready in certain climate zones are capable of meeting the requirements of the US DOE’s prestigious Zero Energy Ready Home Certification, if built according to the suggested specifications provided, and verified on site by an Energy Rater. This is a voluntary third party green building certification program. Learn more about the net zero ready aspect of these homes here.

I live in a very cold US climate zone. Can I still build a 360 Signature Home?

Yes, as long as snow load limitations are met. However, the Deltec 360 Design Studio offers advanced options for very cold climates to be considered, such as double stud walls and triple pane windows, that are a better fit for US climate zones 6 and 7, especially if you are going for a Zero Energy Ready Home. Currently those options are only available through our 360 Design Studio.

How Do I Finish Out my 360 Signature Shell Package?

Clients work with a local builder in their location to finish out their shell package. Check out our how it works page to learn more about the finish out process.

How can I build a 360° Signature home in the Caribbean?

Design wind speeds in the Caribbean are often very high. These clients will need to purchase our Level 3 High Wind package upgrade, which includes upgrading many hardware items to stainless steel or galvanized materials, an impact-resistant window glass update, structural Florida engineering seals (local seals will need to be contracted locally by customer), and an enhanced engineering review of your floor plan against site-specific requirements to determine if any layout changes need to be made to accommodate structural needs. Mechanical and electrical plans are not provided for these Caribbean projects by Deltec as an array of international jurisdictions may require local architect involvement.

The structural shell that we provide is hurricane-ready in these areas. However, note that net zero ready design does not apply to the caribbean, as there is currently not a DOE Zero Energy Ready Home program for those areas, and the mechanical and electrical design of homes in those sites is often governed by specific international codes or unique local standards that vary from greatly from the designs needed to achieve net-zero ready design in continental US climates.