Deltec 360° Design Studio Presents

Bahamas Dream

Biophilic beach house on pilings

This gorgeous home was built on a small Bahamian out island.

When purchased by the current owners, the property included an existing 746 square foot Deltec home. The new owners decided to expand the home by adding a Deltec 1500 building block with a 16’ x 12’ connector and a detached garage to bring their vision to life for the ultimate island retreat. The expansion presented an opportunity for the couple to build a biophilic home that is in complete harmony with its beautiful natural surroundings.
The home features a Classic Metal Roof which is made from 95% recycled aluminum. A high wind and seismic package, which includes additional tie downs, second tension collar and other elements to ensure the structural integrity of the home, was also part of the home’s design. Factory-applied FrameGuard® Total™ was chosen to enhance the durability of the wood. Not only is this home beautiful, it was designed and engineered to withstand the harsh storms that can occur in this part of the world. The end result is a spectacular home that offers solid protection from extreme weather.


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