Deltec 360° Design Studio Presents

Crescent Chalet

Solar home built for energy efficiency

The oval shaped Crescent Chalet, an elongated version of the classic Deltec round home, was created for passive solar design.

The Asheville, North Carolina owner-builder of this home wanted to use the design of the building itself to dramatically cut down on heating and cooling costs. This design uses a long south-facing front for maximum glass to harvest heat from the sun, with overhangs and awnings carefully designed to shade those windows in summer. Thoughtfully designed window sizes on all sides of the home, the inherent thermal mass in the home’s slab foundation and many tile interior finishes to maintain a stable temperature year round, and are augmented by a high efficiency heat pump and AC system and an EPA certified wood stove. A beautiful tongue and groove wood ceiling, custom tile work, and a laundry chute add personal touches. This home is Energy Star Certified, Green Built Homes Certified Gold, and achieved a final HERS score of 54.  Several years after the initial construction, the homeowner built an attached covered back porch and added 3.75kilowatts of grid tied solar power, turning his home into a net-zero energy home.
This homeowner’s article about his home was featured as the cover case study in our local Green Building Directory, where he describes in his own words the harmony with nature that comes from living in a passive solar home.


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