Deltec 360° Design Studio Presents

St George Island

Hurricane-resistant home on stilts

These Deltec homeowners wanted to build a hurricane resistant home that was in touch with nature, a retreat from the hectic city life.

This 360 Design Studio home was built on St. George Island–a barrier island that can take the brunt of storms that hit the Florida panhandle. This sustainable (Florida Green Home Standard Platinum certified, HERS 54) and resilient (140 MPH design loads, Exposure D) home is set apart by both beautiful design and technical details. For extreme resilience, this home came equipped with Deltec’s high wind package, impact resistant window package, Frameguard Total mold and moisture resistant structural wood treatment, and coastal hardware package.

The concrete used for the piers that elevate this project over the floodplain received Florida Green Home Standard points for containing over 18% fly ash content. The round shape also received points for an efficient surface area that reduces heating and cooling loads. Spray foam insulation was used throughout, creating an air-tight seal, and the unvented soffit removes a common path for influx of moisture and salt-laden air into the attic space. Low flow water fixtures (<1.75 GPM) were used throughout, and a manifold hot water system. A ventilating dehumidifier provides efficient fresh air and moisture control. 

The open floor plan and light-colored vaulted tongue and groove wood ceilings give the home an open and airy feeling. The two levels of covered porches facing the sea provide connected outdoor living spaces to enjoy the beautiful views of the Gulf and the dunes. The space under the house created by the piling foundation is used for a parking area that offers protection from the elements.


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