Deltec 360° Design Studio Presents

Mountain Treetops

Green sustainable home

Philip wanted to build a fun, whimsical house that was homey, yet high-tech, and as comfortable as it was cost-efficient.

 The retired CPA from Atlanta wanted a home that felt like a treehouse high in the mountains with a dance floor so that he could ballroom dance to his heart’s content. The home he designed through Deltec’s 360° Design Studio was exactly the kind of home he envisioned. The house, built on a raised pier foundation and designed to accommodate visiting friends and family, includes a 1,000-square-foot guest suite connected to the main house by an enclosed walkway. The custom foundation design incorporated a parking area for an RV under the guest suite. The main living area features a dance floor, partitioned “conversation areas” and breathtaking panoramic views. Though the living space is all on one-level, the house and wraparound deck is built on piers looking two stories down onto the trees and rain gardens below.
Philip was also committed to living in a green home, so he worked with Deltec’s green building department to build his town’s first certified Healthy Built Home (the Healthy Built Homes program has since changed names to Green Built Homes). The home uses a geothermal heat pump for heating and cooling, energy recovery ventilation for fresh air ventilation, spray foam insulation throughout, Deltec’s Energy Wall, and our high energy efficient window and door package. The elevated foundation feels like a treehouse and reduced the impact of the home on the surrounding site. His yard is certified as a World Wildlife Fund Certified Wildlife Habitat. Watch the homeowner video testimonial. 


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