Green Building

2019 Sustainability Report is Out!

Deltec Home’s 2019 Sustainability Report is hot off the presses!

You can click here to see the new, full color report in full.

Inside this report:

  • Learn about our ongoing use of 100% renewable electricity in our facility, and read more about some of or waste reduction programs.
  • Check out a case study of our award-winninng Zero Energy Ready Home. You can also learn about our green building certification projects, including our new green building certification rebates.
  • Get a update on our track record with hurricanes and what makes our homes so resilient.
  • Get an expanding view of the materials that go into our home packages, and learn a little more about some of the suppliers we use and their sustainability proposition, including our new, recent switch to exterior foam insulation free of high global warming potential blowing agents.
  • See how our home’s typical energy use stacks up againts the average home’s energy use, air tightness scores, HERS scores, and more.

Go check it out!